Math Olympiad Questions For Class 1 With Answer 2023

If you’re a young learner ready to embark on a mathematical journey, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to challenge your mind with a series of carefully curated Math Olympiad questions for Class 1 students.

These questions are designed not only to test your math skills but also to spark your curiosity and enthusiasm for numbers, patterns, and problem-solving. So, let’s dive into this post and discover the joy of mathematical exploration!

Math Olympiad Questions For Class 1 2023

1. There are 7 red apples and 3 green apples in a basket. How many apples are there in total?

Ans: There are 10 apples in total.

2. If you have 4 pencils and you give 2 pencils to your friend, how many pencils will you have left?

Ans: You will have 2 pencils left.

3. There are 6 birds sitting on a tree. If 2 birds fly away, how many birds are left on the tree?

Ans: There will be 4 birds left on the tree.

4. If you have 8 marbles and you give 3 marbles to your sister, how many marbles will you have left?

Ans: You will have 5 marbles left.

5. There are 9 flowers in a garden. If 5 of them are roses and the rest are sunflowers, how many sunflowers are there?

Ans: There are 4 sunflowers.

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6. If you have 10 stickers and you give 1 sticker to each of your 2 friends, how many stickers will you have left?

Ans: You will have 8 stickers left.

7. There are 15 stars on a poster. If 7 stars are yellow and the rest are blue, how many blue stars are there?

Ans: There are 8 blue stars.

8. Anna has 12 candies. She eats 3 candies. How many candies does she have now?

Ans: Anna has 9 candies left.

9. A bakery sells 18 donuts in the morning and 5 donuts in the afternoon. How many donuts did they sell in total?

Ans: The bakery sold 23 donuts in total.

10. There are 14 students in a class. If 6 students are boys, how many students are girls?

Ans: There are 8 girls in the class.

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11. If you have 20 toy cars and you give 10 of them to your friend, how many toy cars will you have left?

Ans: You will have 10 toy cars left.

12. There are 25 balloons at the party. If 15 balloons are red and the rest are blue, how many blue balloons are there?

Ans: There are 10 blue balloons.

13. Tom has 30 building blocks. He uses 8 of them to build a tower. How many building blocks does he have left?

Ans: Tom has 22 building blocks left.

14. A farmer has 40 eggs. He sells 12 eggs. How many eggs does he have now?

Ans: The farmer has 28 eggs left.

15. There are 35 ducks in a pond. If 18 ducks swim away, how many ducks are left in the pond?

Ans: There are 17 ducks left at the pond.

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16. Sarah has 42 crayons. She shares 20 crayons with her friend. How many crayons does Sarah have left?

Ans: Sarah has 22 crayons left.

17. Alex has 55 candies. He gives 25 candies to his sister. How many candies does Alex have now?

Ans: Alex has 30 candies left.

18. A shop has 60 pencils. They sell 15 pencils. How many pencils are left in the shop?

Ans: There are 45 pencils left in the shop.

19. There are 65 apples in a basket. If 40 apples are red and the rest are green, how many green apples are there?

Ans: There are 25 green apples.


How to prepare for class 1 maths olympiad?

To prepare for the Class 1 Math Olympiad, practice basic concepts daily, use resources like books and online tools, focus on understanding solutions, stay positive, take mock tests, seek help when needed, and balance studies with fun activities.

What is Maths Olympiad for Class 1?

Math Olympiad for Class 1 is a challenging math competition that encourages young students to solve creative and engaging math problems to enhance their problem-solving skills and love for mathematics.

Is there Olympiad for Class 1?

Yes, there are Olympiad competitions available for Class 1 students.

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